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Writing a compare and contrast essay is a way to show your creativity. Students are free to express their own thoughts and ideas. It is interesting to compare objects or particular individuals.

Sometimes choosing the best compare and contrast essay becomes a difficult task, and then students are looking for professional help. Many paper writing service online websites are available, and they complete your essay before the deadline. Simply consult them and get a well-written essay.

When writing this type of essay, make sure you choose a good topic. It is a way to polish your writing skills and show your essay writer that you have good writing expertise.

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How to Choose a Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topic?

The main point that the custom essay writer keeps in mind when choosing the compare and contrast essay topic is that the topic helps the reader to gain a better understanding of why your topic is important.

When choosing the topic, keep these tips in mind, and write a successful essay.

  • The topic is interesting, and you can easily write about it.

  • The topic has enough information.

  • You can easily present your own thoughts.

  • Remember the teacher’s guidelines when choosing the topic for an essay.

  • Choose a unique topic for your essay.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

  • Differences between British and American English

  • Private and public companies

  • Working at home or in the office

  • What makes education and employment similar?

  • How does high school differ from college?

  • Humanitarian disciplines vs. precise sciences

  • American vs. Chinese concepts of beauty.

  • Inner beauty and outer beauty

  • Watching at home vs. going out to a movie.

  • Impact of African countries’ independence.

  • Tea and coffee: their effects on people

  • Saltwater fish vs. freshwater fish

  • Purchasing goods online against buying products in traditional shops

  • Care at hospital vs care at home

  • Compare between quotes of known celebrities

  • Compare and contrast Alibaba and Amazon.

  • Mothers Love vs. Father Love

  • Handwriting and typing

  • Public or private school: which one is better?

  • The differences between US colleges and colleges in the EU?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for High School Students

  • Ideas of Clinton and Obama

  • Compare the Presidency from Monarchy.

  • Being famous or being wealthy

  • American Government vs. the Soviet Government

  • Childhood friendship vs. high school friendship

  • Summer holidays vs winter holidays

  • Online learning vs offline learning

  • Active vacation in the mountains vs. passive rest by the sea.

  • Desktop computers vs tablets

  • 10 Years Challenge versus Ice Bucket Challenge.

  • Good and bad aspects of overworking

  • Chinese vs. Japanese

  • What is the difference between the Southern & Northern states?

  • Getting a part-time job vs partying in college

  • Playing video games vs. reading a book

  • Relationship between man and animal.

  • Track racing is better than off-road marathons

  • Mountains and volcanoes

  • Flying or driving: which one is safer?

  • Wireless Technology vs. Wired Devices

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Middle School Students

  • Fanta and Pepsi

  • Compare cash and cashless systems

  • American and Australian English

  • What makes people completely different from animals?

  • Texting Vs. In-person conversations

  • Parental control or full freedom

  • Two famous historical leaders.

  • Simpsons or the South Park

  • Is Shakespeare the greatest poet who ever lived?

  • Horror movies against comedies.

  • Real-life relationships or online dating

  • Northern Hemisphere vs. Southern Hemisphere

  • Similar & different traits children share with their parents

  • Economic growth and political unrest

  • Riding or driving - Which is more difficult?

  • Do biology and agriculture have anything in common?

  • Capitalism vs. socialism in different African states

  • A sentence and a phrase

  • Vacations on the beach or in the mountains? 

  • Being in a relationship vs. being single

Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Roman vs. Greek Culture

  • The link between hip hop music and violence

  • Working in a huge corporation or in startups

  • The country in war compared to the country in peace

  • Reading books Vs. Watching movies

  • Fossil & nuclear energy

  • Black vs. white: best color for formal meetings.

  • Reconstruction in America against the industrial age.

  • Which is more important: food or health care?

  • Compare and Contrast: Romance vs popular horror themes.

  • Thrillers and horror movies: what do they have in common?

  • American Idol vs. the Voice

  • US English & UK English comparison

  • Fundamental rights or directive principles of state policy

  • Make a comparison between a Russian emperors

  • Nutritional value of Apple and Avocado?

  • Should you travel by rail or by sea?

  • Justin Bieber and John Lennon

  • Should parents be responsible for their children’s crimes?

  • The pros and cons of having robot workers.

Easy Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Fantasy vs. Documentaries

  • Gender dominance in music Male vs. Female

  • If you like summer or winter weather more

  • Choosing between New York Times and Forbes

  • Between soft and hard drugs which is more dangerous?

  • Steve Jobs or Bill Gates

  • Is your character similar to your parents’?

  • Film producer and a Film Director

  • The pen is mightier than the sword: how true is this?

  • Compare and Contrast: Bacteria vs viruses.

  • Microwaves or ovens

  • Roses vs. Carnations

  • Comedy or drama movies

  • Oral learning vs written learning

  • Swimming vs. cycling 

  • Twitter and newspapers

  • The relationship between religion and morality

  • Soccer vs. Football

  • Is a college education a must for employment?

  • Ballet vs. break dance

Pick any topic of your interest and start writing the compare and contrast essay. But if you need online help, simply say write my essay to complete your task. They complete your essay on time and without any mistakes.   

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